Zodiac Candles

These 12 candles have been created with individual fragrances and colour blend with the assistance of Jillian Whyte, Astrologer Astrological Limited

The fragrances are chosen to support the energy of the individual Astrological sign

Each comes in a clear glass with a natural Rubber wood lid and gift box

Burn time = 40+ hours approximately

Colours represent the four elements:

  • Red = Fire
  • Green = Earth
  • Yellow = Air
  • Blue = Water

The Fire signs:

  • Aries: Deep red, Cranberry fragrance
  • Leo: Red, Sun-ripened Berry fragrance
  • Sagittarius: Light red, Bird of Paradise fragrance

The Earth signs:

  • Taurus: Deep green, Ylang Ylang fragrance
  • Virgo: Green, English Garden fragrance
  • Capricorn: Light green, Wild Honeysuckle fragrance

The Air signs:

  • Gemini: Deep yellow, Nectarine Blossom & Honey fragrance
  • Libra: Yellow, Lotus Flower fragrance
  • Aquarius: Light yellow, Rain Water fragrance

The Water signs:

  • Cancer: Dark blue, Harbour Mist fragrance
  • Scorpio: Blue, Passion Flower fragrance
  • Pisces: Light blue, Amalfi Coast fragrance