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Our candle range can be used for meditation, healing, calming, and mindfulness.  Made with natural fragrances and pure cotton wicks.

We use EcoSoya® CB – Advanced Soy Wax made from 100% pure soybeans and carefully selected botanical oils.

Browse our latest candle collections and celebrate life today!

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Spiritual Collection

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I bought the spirituality candle and have loved it ever since. The quality is also outstanding, both in the wax and the container, which sets it apart from other candles I have bought in the past. I highly recommend these candles as my one has brought me much satisfaction.
Thomas Cato, Auckland, July 2019
Testimonial Stephs Candles
I brought" Release" thinking that would do me. I love the candle so much I brought "healing" and it won't be my last. I would say try them, they are great.
Gaylene Sivewright, June 2019
Testimonail 3 - stephs Candles
Highly recommended these candles! They smell amazing and the scent makes my house smell beautiful. They truly change the energies in the room for the better. I can't stop coming back for more of these amazing scents! Thank you!
Robin Louse, March 2019
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